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Work Comp Conferences is an event management firm uniquely positioned to plan, design, and deliver exclusive events serving the workers' compensation, insurance, and healthcare industries.    

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Enne, pronounced N, Torres was founded by Natalie Torres with the mission to be the encouragement humans need to connect with themselves and others consciously. Natalie is a Hatha and Bikram yoga instructor. In 2020, after six years of personal practice, she was ready to deepen her inquiry with herself while preparing to hold space for others as an instructor.


She is guided in life and work by the 10 ethical precepts of yoga outlined in the Yamas and Niyamas, and is ready to help others as a guide on their personal inquiry. Natalie now shares 9 years of personal practice with an extensive curriculum of study including:

Forms and Postures

History of Yoga

practical Anatomy

Meditation, Mantra & Mudras


Ayurveda, Kundalini, Restorative, & Prenatal


 She found yoga in 2014 after learning her father was terminal with stage four small cell lung cancer. The practice of yoga taught Natalie how to live. How to live with the loss of her father. Then, how to artfully take the teachings of yoga and weave them into a life full of intention and focus. Connect with Natalie as a guide to identifying your intentions about the way you interact with the world. She will weave them into strategies you can apply to effect change in your life and work.


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