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You Are What You Practice Being

Tomorrow I begin my journey to become a yoga teacher at my home studio, Urban Om, under the instruction of Anna Argeropoulos, ERYT-500 and Kelsey Weaver, ERYT-500. As a student of these ladies for nearly five years, when they announced they were going to start training teachers, I had been called.

We're going to study of forms and postures, the history of Yoga, anatomy, meditation, mantra, Pranayama, and so much more.

I found yoga in 2014 after learning my father was terminal with stage four small cell lung cancer. The practice of yoga taught me how to live. How to live with the loss of my father. Then, how to artfully take the teachings of yoga and weave them into a life full of intention and focus.

Thank you to all my teachers and fellow practitioners for sharing breath and space with me. Especially my husband Jessie, the first yogi I knew. I will draw upon the energy we share as I undercover more about the practice and myself.

When Jessie and I move back to his home land, Puerto Rico, we intend to bring the practice of yoga to the island as our gift. Our mission is that yoga is free to everyone. Free to all to engage the mystical power of identifying your intentions about the way you interact with the world and yourself.

We founded, Enne Torres, with the mission to be the encouragement companies need to consciously connect with their consumers. The guide to identifying their intentions about the way they interact with their customers, weaving them into strategies to affect change in their organizations.

I would be honored if you joined me on my Yoga Teacher Training journey and on my mission to bring free yoga to the world.

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